The International Society of Nephrology values the exchange of science and providing education in the form of organized meetings, courses, and workshops, and therefore considers endorsing events of high-scientific and educational quality that would benefit the renal and related scientific communities. Note that this endorsement is different from ISN’s Continuing Medical Education Program.

Meetings, courses, or workshops may be of any size but must address topics of relevance in the region and fulfil the highest scientific and educational standards. The ISN reserves the right to review all applications to determine scientific and educational merit. All requests must be made through a completed application submitted at least three months prior to the event; applications not submitted within the required time-frame cannot be guaranteed review.

Application, review, and endorsement is FREE for ISN collective and affiliated societies, Sister Renal and Sister Transplant Centers, and ISN Regional Training Centers. All other organizations are required to pay a standard application fee, which is non-refundable and essential for the appropriate and timely administration and processing of endorsement requests. Note that payment of the application fee does not guarantee endorsement of the event. All endorsement applications will be reviewed, and a decision provided within thirty (30) calendar days.

ISN will provide successful applicants with a formal acceptance letter, the ISN logo for inclusion on printed and online material, and ISN’s post-event report which must be completed and returned to ISN within 30 days of the event. ISN will also include the name of the endorsed event on the ISN website’s calendar of events. Note that the ISN logo should NOT be included on event materials (including the event’s website) until AFTER endorsement has been granted and is to be used specifically for the endorsed event only. In addition, the following statement should accompany the logo: ISN’s endorsement is for the promotion of education in general, therefore the specific content of the event/course is the responsibility of the organizer.

ISN endorsement does not include financial support for the event. Non-compliance with the terms specified in the endorsement policy will result in future requests not being eligible for endorsement.

Please download our endorsement policy, the application form, and the post event report:

Submit your completed application form and post event report to at the ISN Global Operations Center.

Non-event endorsement requests

ISN is interested in enabling collaborations and building communities and capacity to reach its mission of advancing kidney health worldwide. As such, ISN would like to be able to endorse projects and initiatives that are undertaken by ISN members working with their institutions and/or with other organizations, where that endorsement would add value for the participants, the activity, and the community.

Please download the non-event endorsement request checklist and complete it (in brief) so that we can ensure appropriate vetting and review is undertaken in a timely manner:

Submit your completed non-event endorsement request checklist to at the ISN Global Operations Center.

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