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A future where all people have equitable access to sustainable kidney health.


The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is a philanthropic organization dedicated to advancing worldwide kidney health. We do this for all our stakeholders by:

  • BRIDGING THE GAPS of available care through advocacy and collaborations with our global partners
  • BUILDING CAPACITY in healthcare professionals via granting programs, education and research
  • CONNNECTING OUR COMMUNITY to develop a stronger understanding of the management of kidney disease.


Our culture is driven by our belief and understanding of who we are as individuals and as a community, and how we live our lives.

ISN values its role as a TRUSTED LEADER. 

  • We work passionately to focus our organization’s activities solely upon improving global kidney health.
  • To maintain our role of Trusted Leader we must be knowledgeable, effective and dependable.

We value being an INCLUSIVE PARTNER.

  • We recognize that we can only achieve our goals through our network of stakeholders that help build and leverage our capabilities.
  • To be an Inclusive Partner we must be collaborative, transparent and create value for others.

We value acting as an ADAPTIVE ENABLER.

  • We modify our work where there are new opportunities to create positive outcomes or improve the service for people that need care.
  • To be an Adaptive Enabler we must be innovative, resourceful and open to change.


Diversity Statement

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) embraces the principles of diversity and believes that appropriately emphasizing the diversity of our organization and of our teams will make for a stronger, smarter, and more effective ISN.

For further information, please read the ISN Position Statement on Diversity.

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Americas Operations Center

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