The Collective Membership category allows nephrology societies to sign up their members collectively. Societies will be offered a special annual rate based on their needs, in exchange for signing up at least 50% of their total membership. These members will get the same benefits as a Full member.

ISN Collective Member Societies will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the online e-learning ISN Academy, print and/or online editions to our flagship journal Kidney International and sister publications, our educational capacity-building programs, reduced rates to all our events as well as voting rights in the ISN elections.
  • Priority consideration to pitch for the organization of joint events (ISN World Congress of Nephrology, ISN Frontiers) as well as the endorsement of congresses, courses and events.
  • Possibility to announce congresses, courses and events on the ISN website.
  • Receive ISN Connect, a quarterly e-newsletter which includes privileged information about ISN strategy, programs and leadership.
  • For further information email us at

Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN)
The Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology is a not-for-profit organization representing the interests of health professionals committed to preventing and treating kidney disease. Members gain support with a range of research, education and clinical care initiatives to promote evidenced-based practice and quality outcomes for patients in Australia, New Zealand and the region.


Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN) 

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Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN)

The Canadian Society of Nephrology is a society of physicians and scientists specializing in the care of people with kidney disease, and in research related to the kidney and kidney disease.

Its vision is that all Canadians with, or at risk of kidney disease, will receive optimal patient-centered care and achieve best outcomes.


Colombian Society of Nephrology and Arterial Hypertension (CSNAH) 

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Dutch Federation of Nephrology (NfN)

The Dutch Federation for Nephrology is the professional scientific association of nephrologists, nephrologists in training and scientific researchers in the field of kidney disease. It focuses on the collective interests of the members, the development and implementation of professional practice and on science. With this, it wants to guarantee high-quality care for patients with kidney disease and to promote the further development of clinical and experimental nephrology.


Estonian Society of Nephrology (ESN)

The Estonian Society of Nephrology is a nephrology specialist and research society founded in 1994. It organizes regular society meetings at least four times a year and in-service training for members. The society has developed clinical treatment guidelines for doctors and patients with information materials that can be found on its website.


Guatemalan Nephrology Association

The Guatemalan Nephrology Association is a non-profit organization. Dedicated to the medical updating of its members.

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Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (HKSN)

The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established in 1979. It is a non-profit-making professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal disease.

The main objectives of the Society are to promote the interest in and a better understanding of nephrology in Hong Kong, to provide a venue for discussion of problems related to nephrology, endeavor to improve the standard of nephrology care and provide a means of liaison with workers in nephrology in other parts of the world.


Iranian Society of Nephrology (IrSN)

The modern nephrology era started in Iran in the mid-1960s, when a number of internists who trained in nephrology returned to the country. The first Iranian Society of Nephrology was founded in 1961, with 10 members. The past presidents include Dr. Nouredin Hadavi, Dr. Behrooz Broumand, Dr. Ahad Ghods, Dr. Ezzatollah Abdi.

At present the society has 390 active members (nephrologists), 35 associate members (internists with nephrology interest) and one honorary member. The Society organizes bi-annual international and national nephrology congresses every other year. It holds monthly meetings to review some of the main topics in nephrology.

Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases 

Israeli Association of Nephrology and Hypertension

Israeli Association of Nephrology and Hypertension is a society of physicians and scientists specializing in the care of people with kidney disease, and in research related to the kidney and kidney disease.





Jordan Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation

Jordan Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation

  Kenyan Renal Association

Kenyan Renal Association

Kenya Renal Association is a professional body for Kenya’s nephrologists and renal scientists. Since its foundation, the KRA is active in promoting and disseminating research that may ultimately improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease. Their mission is to empower people who have kidney disease to become knowledgeable about their illness, proactive in their care and most importantly hopeful about their future. They fulfill that mission by educating clinicians and scientists interested in kidney disease. Most recently, they have become more active in issues around training of doctors and the planning and development of clinical services at a national level

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Philippine Society of Nephrology

The Philippine Society of Nephrology is a premier organization of physicians who care for adult and pediatric patients with kidney disease. It is respected and recognized for its adherence to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in the field of nephrology.

It supports its members in an inclusive and cohesive manner to enable them to be ethical, compassionate, excellent, and globally-competitive, as they dedicate themselves to serve their patients with the best quality of care.

  Panamanian Society of Nephrology Logo

Panamanian Society of Nephrology

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Paraguayan Society of Nephrology (PSN)

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South African Renal Society (SARS)

The South African Society was founded in 1967 as a professional organization to promote the discipline of nephrology, and serves as a resource for government, medical professionals, other organizations and the public, and provides guidelines for the optimal care of renal patients.

In collaboration with the Renal Care Society of South Africa, it organizes a biennial conference for the benefit of physicians, scientists, nurses and other health care workers interested in nephrology.


Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN)

Created in 1964, the Spanish Society of Nephrology has over 2,000 members, increasing year by year. 

Its main objectives focus on the integrated management of chronic kidney disease, with active programs for hemodialysis, online hemodiafiltration, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation. It also offers Continuous Medical Education programs for fellows and affiliated members and, especially, for young nephrologists. It maintains an active research grant program, via the SENEFRO Foundation of independent clinical trial for researchers. It publishes the NEFROLOGIA Journal.

  Logo Swiss Society  

Swiss Society of Nephrology (SSN)

The Swiss Society of Nephrology was established in 1969 and has now more than 200 members, including nephrologists, pediatricians and basic scientists. 

It is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of kidney disease in Switzerland by educating health professionals, advancing research on kidneys disease and advocating for access to quality care. It has built tight links with international networks over time and holds collective membership since 2005.


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