ISN Officers, Executive Committee and Councillors are volunteers selected from the membership and charged with responsibilities for leading the society and overseeing its activities.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee in conjunction with the Council provides organizational leadership within the ISN. It defines the organization’s vision, mission and values and focuses on long term strategies to ensure successful and sustainable outcomes.

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The Council, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, provides organizational oversight for the ISN. It provides input and oversight to the strategic planning process and oversees the Executive Committee in determining the optimum governance structure and policies for the ISN.The Council is composed of the Regional Board Chair and Deputy Chair from each of the ten ISN regions.

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ISN Leadership 2011-2019
ISN Leadership 2001-2011
ISN Leadership 1990-2001
ISN Leadership 1975-1990
ISN Leadership 1960-1975

Regional Boards

Regional Boards are the regional representations of the ISN. Regional Boards are the ‘eyes and ears’ of ISN across its whole range of activities, and are major means of integration with affiliated societies. The ISN has established 10 Regional Boards.

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Supporting Groups

Alongside ISN's Executive Committee and Council, several Supporting Groups (committees, working groups and advisory groups) play a vital role in the Society's operations. They are responsible for some of ISN's most prominent programs and activities.

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