The Alfred Newton Richards Award recognizes outstanding basic research in fields relevant to nephrology. The award was established in memory of Alfred Newton Richards, who developed renal tubule micro-puncture in his laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania where he served as chairman of pharmacology for over three decades.

Nomination requirements (for WCN 2021, 2023, 2025, etc.):

  • Your details as nominator: complete name, ISN membership number, and contact information
  • Nominee details: complete name (as listed in publications) and contact information
  • Support statement: explain why the nominee should receive the award (maximum 300 words)
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee: 2-page maximum
  • Letter(s) of support: optional (no more than three)

Previous winners of the Hamburger, Robinson, or Bywaters Awards, or the Lillian Jean Kaplan Prize, are not eligible for the Richards Award. Self-nominations are not accepted and members of the ISN Executive Committee are not eligible for nomination.

All nominations and supporting materials are to be sent via email to the Awards Coordinator.

The winner of the Alfred Newton Richards Award is selected by the ISN Awards Committee, chaired by the ISN President, and presented during WCN.

  Recipients of the A.N. Richards Awards    
2019 Melissa Little    
2017 Friedhelm Hildebrandt    
2015 Barry Brenner    
2013 Susan Quaggin    
2011 Terry Strom    
2009 Heini Murer    
2007 Richard Lifton    
2005 Steven Hebert Bernard Rossier  
2003 Marilyn Farquhar    
2001 Eberhard Fromter Floyd Rector  
1999 Isidore Edelman Hans Ussing  
1997 Alexander Leaf Klaus Thureau  
1995 Maurice Burg Francois Morel  
1993 Gerhard Giebisch    
1990 Carl Gottschalk Karl Ullrich Heinz Wirz
1987 Robert Berliner    


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