Dialysis: learning dialysis through computation, experimentation, and implementation

As part of ISN’s 60th-anniversary, Kidney International’s Milestones in Nephrology” series highlights five significant contributions to the understanding of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis:

  • A mechanistic analysis of the National Cooperative Dialysis Study (NCDS) (Gotch FA, Sargent JA, 1985)
  • Computer simulations of peritoneal fluid transport in CAPD (Rippe B, Stelin G, Haraldsson B, 1991)
  • Nitrogen balance during intermittent dialysis therapy of uremia (Borah MF, Schoenfeld PY, Gotch FA, et al., 1978)
  • Biocompatibility of dialysis membranes: effects of chronic complement activation (Hakim RM, Fearon DT, Lazarus JM, 1984)
  • Outcome of patients with human immunodeficiency virus on maintenance hemodialysis (Ortiz C, Meneses R, Jaffe D, et al., 1988)

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